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At Sunyo Acupuncture Center, we take immense pride in the positive impact we’ve had on our patients’ lives. Explore our testimonial page to hear firsthand accounts of the transformative experiences our patients have had through our acupuncture and holistic health services. From pain relief and improved well-being to enhanced fertility and glowing skin, our patients’ stories showcase the remarkable results of our dedicated care. Join us on a journey of health and healing, and let our testimonials inspire your path to wellness:

Dr. Klapper Referral

“For more than 20 years, Robert Klapper, MD, Orthopedic Associates Medical Director of Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles has been highly recommending countless patients to Dr. Zhong for treatment.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Zhong’s for 14 years. I originally saw her for carpel tunnel symptoms. Thanks to her treatment I avoided surgery. She addresses the root of the problem. Dr. Zhong is always expanding her knowledge of acupuncture techniques. She also makes exceptional customized herbal medicine. Her strong Qi energy is incomparable. When I get acupuncture, cupping and massage I leave feeling rejuvenated.”



“When I first came to see Dr. Zhong I had been in a serious car accident. I had seen 14 other doctors, chiropractors, neurolgists, orthopedists and massage therapists yet she was the only one who was finally able to cure the severe and excruciating pain that I had in my neck, head, shoulders and back and arms- it was incredible! She has an innate sense and knowledge of the body. She totally restored my body. Since then I continue to see her as my only doctor as does my entire family – she is truly remarkable”



“I have known Dr Zhong for 23 years. 5 years years ago, I had stomach problem and western medicine could not resolve. I called Dr Zhong. She let me take my tongue’s photo then sent to her. She also carefully asked my symptoms on the phone. Later, she made some traditional Chinese medicine and mailed to me. After I took those Chinese medicine for a week,  my symptoms disappeared completely.

Last week, I visited Dr Zhong’s clinic because of sciatic nerve pain, it was seriously affected my physical condition.  Dr Zhong only gave me two times acupuncture plus Qingganou, my pain was almost gone after treatment.  At the same time, she has also made many good suggestions on how to better maintain and improve my health.

Dr Zhong is not only an extraordinary professional Oriental medicine practitioner and acupuncturist, but is also very kind, patient, compassionate, and considerate. I highly recommend Dr Zhong.”



“I have been going to Sunyo since 2018. When I first began going, I was pretty timid and nervous about the needles. But after discovering how much relief I can get from acupuncture, I now let Dr. Zhong or Dr. Lau use longer or fatter needles anywhere they might help. I’ve had acupuncture in my face for sinus and headache issues. And most recently a have had acupuncture for plantar fasciitis and issues with my left ankle due to a break in 1998. And beyond acupuncture, you can have cupping as well as an incredible therapeutic massage. One of the newer massage therapists even offers hot stone treatment which really melts the tension in my shoulders and calves.I wish some of my family lived in L.A. so I could introduce them to the wonderful therapeutic treatments and pain relief you can get at Sunyo.



“I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr Zhong for 20 + yrs. She is very thorough & knowledgeable of my aches and pains. She listens to my issues and addresses them with the precision of needles, cupping, acupressure, herbal teas and all with a positive outlook that healing will take time and the pain will get better. I am always able get an appt in a short amt of time. She understands that issues need to be addressed immediately. Michael is quick to schedule me and sends a reminder of my appt. Aaron is a new addition. He, too, has addressed my needs & is quiet knowledgeable. I have found myself hobbling into my appt and afterwards, I’m feeling relief. Need to add, it may take a few sessions of acupuncture in order to be effective….but a wonderful alternative/addition to western medicine. Sunyo Acupuncture is the best! Street parking is convenient & easy….another added bonus.

Allison A. – LOS ANGELES, CA